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Mongolia: Independence Day


1174 - William I of Scotland, a key rebel in the Revolt of 1173-1174, is captured at Alnwick by forces loyal to Henry II of England.
1558 - Battle of Gravelines: In France, Spanish forces led by Count Lamoral of Egmont defeat the French forces of Marshal Paul des Thermes at Gravelines.
1573 - Eighty Years' War: The Siege of Haarlem ends after seven months.
1643 - English Civil War: Battle of Roundway Down – In England, Henry Wilmot, 1st Earl of Rochester, commanding the Royalist forces, wins a crushing victory over the Parliamentarian Sir William Waller.
1787 - The Continental Congress enacts the Northwest Ordinance establishing governing rules for the Northwest Territory. It also establishes procedures for the admission of new states and limits the expansion of slavery.
1794 - Battle of the Vosges between French forces and those of Prussia and Austria
1830 - The General Assembly's Institution, now the Scottish Church College, one of the pioneering institutions that ushered the Bengal Renaissance, is founded by Alexander Duff and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in Calcutta, India.
1854 - In the Battle of Guaymas, Mexico, General Jose Maria Yanez stops the French invasion led by Count Gaston de Raousset Boulbon.
1863 - New York Draft Riots: In New York City, opponents of conscription begin three days of rioting which will be later regarded as the worst in United States history.
1878 - Treaty of Berlin: The European powers redraw the map of the Balkans. Serbia, Montenegro and Romania become completely independent of the Ottoman empire.
1919 - The British airship R34 lands in Norfolk, England, completing the first airship return journey across the Atlantic in 182 hours of flight.
1923 - The Hollywood Sign is officially dedicated in the hills above Hollywood, Los Angeles. It originally reads "Hollywoodland " but the four last letters are dropped after renovation in 1949.
1941 - World War II: Montenegrins start popular uprising against the Axis Powers (Trinaestojulski ustanak).
1973 - Alexander Butterfield reveals the existence of the Nixon tapes to the special Senate committee investigating the Watergate break in.
1985 - The Live Aid benefit concert takes place in London and Philadelphia, as well as other venues such as Sydney and Moscow.
1985 - United States Vice President George H.W. Bush became the Acting President for the day when President Ronald Reagan underwent surgery to remove polyps from his colon.



1 JanuaryNew Year's Day
2 JanuaryWinter Solstice (Nyinlog)
2 MayHM Jigme Dorij Wangchuck’s Birthday
2 JuneCoronation Day
13 JulyFirst Sermon of Lord Buddha
13 JulyAnniversary of Guru Rinpoche
13 JulyLunar New Year (Losar)
4 AugustThird’s King Death Anniversary
11 NovemberHM Jigme Singye Wangchuck’s Birthday (Druk Gyalpo)
17 DecemberNational Day
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Kingdom of Bhutan
Brug rGyal-Khab, Dru Gäkhap
Kingdom of Bhutan - FlagKingdom of Bhutan - Coat of arms
Kingdom of Bhutan - Location
Capital: Thimphu
Official languages: Dzongkha
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Currency: Indian Rupee (INR)
Population: 682 321
Area: 47 000 km²
Religion: Buddhism
Time Zone: UTC +6
Auto Code: BHT
Internet TLD: .bt
Calling code: +975
Corporate Income Tax: 30,00%
Personal Income Tax: 0-25%
Value Added Tax: 5-50%
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